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2 Post Car Lifts For Sale at Mechanic Superstore

If you're looking for a 2-post vehicle lift to use in your shop, you've come to the right place. Get Mechanic Superstore 2 post car lift. Here, we'll discuss the Atlas(r) LR-06P low-rise scissor lift and Dannmar's DLR-6 mid-rise scissor lift. You'll also learn about AMGO Hydraulics' BP-9X 2-post vehicle lift.

Atlas(r) LR-06P low rise lift

The Atlas(r) LR-06P is a portable 6,000-pound low-rise car lift that is an excellent addition to any garage. This model features a rubber-topped lifting surface and a set of high-density rubber blocks that protect the lifting points of most vehicles. It also features a 2-year structural warranty, a one-year hydraulic warranty, and a 90-day wear item warranty.

The LR-06P is a popular choice among auto mechanics. This unit's low-rise design allows it to fit easily into narrow bays and is rugged and safe. Its 6,000-lb. load capacity makes it ideal for servicing passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be used by a single mechanic.

Dannmar's DLR-6 mid-rise scissor lift

With a lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs, Dannmar's DLR-6 mid-range scissor lifts are ideal for commercial use or for home use by car enthusiasts. The low-rise design makes them ideal for in-ground service pits, and they can also be used to perform tire changes and maintenance. Another major benefit is that these lifts are inexpensive, making them ideal for use in a variety of applications.

A compact mid-rise scissor lift, the DLR-6 is equipped with adjustable arm assemblies and a multi-position safety lock bar. The four support bars provide additional rigidity to the frame, making this scissor lift one of the strongest in its class. With a 6,000-pound capacity, this lift can be used to safely perform suspension, brake, and wheel service without the risk of injury.

Atlas(r) Pro-9D 2-post vehicle lift

If you're looking for a two-post vehicle lift at a great price, consider the Atlas PRO-9D. With a 12-foot height, this lift is perfect for the home mechanic or small commercial repair shop. Its 9,000-lb. capacity and symmetric columns allow you to position the arms under most small cars and pickup trucks. You can even position it in a reverse direction if needed.

The two-post lift has four points of contact with the vehicle, allowing total access to the undercarriage. They're versatile, allowing you to perform almost any type of repair or maintenance with ease. However, two-post lifts do have one major drawback: you must rely on the technician to properly position the vehicle for work. The process can be lengthy and frustrating. Therefore, many shop owners prefer to invest in a four-post vehicle lift.

AMGO Hydraulics BP-9X 2-post vehicle lift

If you're in the market for a new vehicle lift, look no further than the AMGO BP-9X 2-post vehicle lift for your garage. It features a total column height of 111-7/8 inches and can be installed in virtually any garage. It also features automatic arm restraints and single-point release switches. Its durable, heavy-duty construction is stronger than most other lifts in the world. This product is designed and built by AMGO Hydraulic Corporation, a leading manufacturer of quality automotive lifts, hydraulic equipment, and industrial green products.

AMGO Hydraulic Corporation guarantees a delivery date. However, the company can't guarantee an exact date, so you need to let them know the exact time you need the item. If you're rushing to get a new 2 post car lift, for example, it may not be delivered on time. AMGO Hydraulic Corporation is not responsible for late delivery, nor will they compensate you for downtime that may result from delayed freight.

BendPak MD-6XX mid-rise scissor lift

If you have a garage and you're looking to maximize your space, the BendPak MD-6XX mid-range scissor lift may be right for you. Its 48-inch lifting capacity, ergonomically correct design and multiple locking positions will make it easy for you to reach your vehicles. It also has a convenient motor cart for transport and a hydraulic release.

The MD-6XX Mid-Rise Scissor Lift features a 6,000-lb. capacity and a zero-footprint design. It features adjustable arm assemblies and safety lock bars. Its open-center design is ideal for small shops, quick lube pits, and homes. It comes with truck adapters and is ready to use as soon as it arrives.